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Permeable covers help the soil hold in heat for quick green up in the spring. Permeable covers also block harsh winter winds to prevent desiccation. Ultimately, permeable tarps are built for protection – not for moisture management.

GreenJacket® PERMEABLE grow-in covers act in conjunction with the suns power to create a greenhouse effect. 

However, being PERMEABLE the grow-in cover will allow the turf and soil to breath but at the same time retain moisture and dramatically increase the suns ability to heat up the under lying turf.



Impermeable covers require more set up; in most cases you want to have an insulating layer. They also require more maintenance over the winter and may require blowing air to exchange gases. 

However, impermeable covers can provide a higher level of success and are often the best solution for greens prone to ice damage.

GreenJacket® IMPERMEABLE covers provide protection against crown hydration, the #1 turf killer in the north. GreenJacket® provides a protective IMPERMEABLE barrier layer against ice damage, as it never reaches the turf! 

The covers are also effective against desiccation, as the winds are virtually deflected off the GreenJacket® cover and away from the underlying turf. 

In addition to hydration, ice damage and desiccation, GreenJackets® regulated light transmission rates are able to minimize temperature fluctuations helping to keep turf dormant during midwinter warm-ups, and control overgrowth in the spring. 

GreenJackets® unique film qualities have a life expectancy of 5+ years.


The TarpDevil is a brand-new innovation. This cover management system is a custom engineered tool built specifically with the golf course superintendent in mind. 

Its purpose is clear; to reduce the burden of deploying and collecting tarps and significantly increase the lifespan of covers through proper handling and storage.


Conservative estimates suggest that TarpDevil will pay for itself in two to three seasons with the short-term returns coming from labour efficiencies and the longer-term return coming from an extension of cover life spans through proper handling and storage.

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