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Soil Testing

Maritime Green offers soil testing and recommendations through various professional labs depending on the type of test, which in turn allows us to understand what nutrients and quantities are needed for your soil to create a solid fertilizer plan.  Contact us today to get your soil test completed! 

How to Take a Soil Test

1. The Site 

Soil testing can be done any time your soil isn't frozen or overly wet. Allow time in advance for making recommended adjustments before you plant. Plan to provide soil samples for each area that you'll be planting. Area-specific samples will deliver area-specific results and recommendations. Sample front and back yards separately; conditions will vary in each one.

2. Pulling Plugs 

An accurate soil sample is composed of multiple, smaller samples called cores. Individual cores include soil from the surface down to the depth at which grasses or plants will draw most nutrients. Each sample bag should be filled to the line indicated on the bag. Avoid taking cores from areas with bare spots or lawn moss as part of a general sample.

Lawn cores should extend 4 to 6 inches deep, excluding thatch. Make sure to remove the grass blades, stems, thatch and other organic matter from the core. 

3. Complete Submission Form 

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