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Hydroseeding & Erosion Control

Delivering high performance hydroseeding products and support. In addition to these manufacturers, we also distribute a diverse range of quality products to meet all your needs.



  • Celumulch™ is a hydroseeding mulch designed to be used in road-side seeding and general landscape seeding applications.

  • Celumulch™ is a selection of recycled cellulose fibres, specially manufactured to meet the needs of the Hydroseeding industry.

  • It is a natural wood fibre product manufactured from 100% recycled paper fiber treated with a temporary green colouring agent. Celumulch is packaged in 40 lbs/18.2 kg bags.


Seed Aide Covergrow 

  • Seed Aide® CoverGrow™ is an advanced technology granular mulch made from recycled wood and cellulose fibers. 

  • Once applied to a seeded area and activated by water, the granules quickly expand and disperse to provide outstanding protection and water-holding performance right where it’s needed— 

  • whether you’re spot treating smaller bare spots, or hydrospraying larger areas, CoverGrow is the easy and convenient way to establish vegetation. 


Applegate Wood-Lok 100

  • WOOD-LOK 100 is packaged in 50lb bags and is a natural virgin wood fiber mulch for use in hydraulic planting.  It is a high quality 100% wood fiber hydroseeding mulch manufactured under 

  • constant production control checks.

  • When applied Wood-Lok 100 fibers twist and lock with each other as they cure.  This forms a protective mulch mat that aids in erosion control, holding the seeds in place, 

  • and providing an excellent environment for seed germination.


Applegate Premium Paper 100

  • PREMIUM PAPER 100 is manufactured without adding water in the process. 

  •  In fact, our manufacturing process reduces moisture content to a staggering  7% by weight, which means there is 200 lbs more mulch fiber in every ton, or 10% more mulch 

  • for the money compared to most other national brands.   

  • Premium Paper 100 provides you the lowest cost!


Applegate Wood-lok HPM 

  • WOOD-LOK  HPM (High Performance Matrix) consists of specially processed long strand virgin wood fibers along our proprietary high-strength organic binder.  

  • This combination gives superior erosion protection without the addition of man-made, non-biodegradable synthetic fibers.  Wood-Lok HPM is applied like mulch and forms a blanket that 

  •  adheres to the soil surface immediately upon application.

  • After it cures the blanket helps retain soil moisture, is porous, erosion resistant and protects the soil surface from water and wind erosion.  

  • The mulch blanket retains its integrity and protects the soil despite repeated rains for well beyond twelve months.

  • The extra-long wood fibers form tent-like pockets, which aid in seed germination and plant growth.  When applied over the soil surface the wood fibers twist and interlock with 

  • each other and the soil as they dry.  

  • Along with our proprietary high-strength binder the holding power of the wood fibers to the soil is much stronger than BFM, thus providing superior erosion protection.

  •  Wood-Lok HPM is 100% naturally biodegradable and is safe for use around humans, fish and wildlife.


Applegate Wood-Lok BFM

  • WOOD-LOK BFM is the superior bonded fiber matrix used for soil erosion control.  

  •  It controls erosion more effectively than rolled erosion control blankets, sod and other competitive brands of BFM.

  • The combination of our steam fiberized, long strand virgin wood fibers and the extra holding power of our proprietary, multi-purpose, high strength cross-linked hydrocolloid-based tackifier 

  • anchors the mulch mat to the soil and it maintains its integrity despite repeated rains.

  • The porous mulch mat forms a water absorbing, anti-transpirant, breathable matrix designed to provide the perfect environment for seed germination.


Earth Tack 

  • Earth Tack is a premium polyacrylamide designed for hydromulching, hydroseeding, and dust control applications.

  • It increases soil porosity and reduces sediment runoff through soil agglomeration and occulating suspended sediment.

  • Earth Tack provides optimal slurry viscosity for ease of application and temporary erosion control during vegetative establishment.

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